What are Crystal Water Beads in a nutshell?
A super absorbent polymer
100% odorless
Same material used in children's diapers 

What if the cat or dog eats the Crystal Water Beads?
They are Non-Toxic!  We do not advise eating them, but it won't hurt your pet - It will come out in the end !!! 

Can I mix different colors of Crystal Water Beads in the same vase, or will it change the color of the plants ?
Unlike many others available, the product we sell is colorfast so it can be layered in a vase to create stripes.  Adding water on top of these stripes will give a solid look and look like stripey water so some really cool effects are possible. Plants will not change color because we do not use any food coloring, the color you buy is the color they stay, they will not run or fade.  We take pride in the fact that our product will NEVER stain your countertops, clothes, hands, or plants -- we sell only the finest products!

Are Crystal Water Beads biodegradable? 
Yes!  This means if the wee kids or big kids squish them and break them you can still use them (and they will, guys just can't help themselves). But even when they do, Do Not Throw them in the trash simply mix with potting soil or soil in your garden and they will retain the moisture in the soil for up to 2 years until they finally dissolve harmlessly into the soil.

What happens if I just leave the Crystal Water Beads and do not water at all?
They will shrink right back down to how they started and you can put them away in an airtight bag and use them again in the future. This will take a while of zero maintenance, remember they are low maintenance not No Maintenance.

How many bags of Crystal Water Beads will it take to fill my vase?
Obviously you want to have extra rather than be short.  So as a guide, measure how many quarts of water to fill the vase to the level you want, and buy 3 x 10g** bags for every gallon / 4 quarts.
**Also please note that the larger sized beads & cubes come in 10g bags, the smaller sized beads come in 5g bags, and the medium beads and swirly beads come in 6g bags.

Can you use Crystal Water Beads with fresh flowers?
Yes, you can use the Crystal Water Beads with fresh flowers, but the stems must always be in water. Just fill the vase once the Crystal Water soil has been soaked in water, then add extra water to half way up the vase so the stems are always in water, add nutrients and plant food to the water as usual, the bottom half will look like a solid color and the top half will look like water beads.

Can you use Crystal Water Beads with bamboo?
Yes, you can use Crystal Water Beads with bamboo. Just follow the same instructions as with fresh flowers making sure the container is half full of extra water, because bamboo lives in water naturally.  When using lucky bamboo, remove bamboo about every 60 days and put liquid dish soap in container of beads with hot water, soak, pour into a colander, rinse, and wash the vase.  The plants leak an organic matter and will make the beads a bit slimy, so you must wash them occasionally.

What if my plant is too heavy or too big to pot in a glass vase?
You can still use the Crystal Water Beads as a water supply either by covering the surface of the soil or mixing in with the soil. The Crystal Water Beads will act as a reservoir between watering's or between rain if it is outside.

How often will I need to water my plants in Crystal Water Beads? 
Crystal Water Beads are low maintenance, not no maintenance, so you still need to monitor your plants.  You will not need to water the plants as often as you did before, if at all (every plant is different, just like teenagers!).  The first few weeks you will be able to gauge yourself, if water starts to build at the bottom of the vase, this is okay.  Its just the crystals slowly releasing the water stored. If they release too fast it could be the temperature of the room, etc. You will simply need to drain off the excess by tilting the vase carefully over a sink. If the beads shrink too fast and become small you can add water with a sprayer occasionally, or you can re-soak overnight and carefully tilt over sink to drain off the excess once they have expanded again. You will get to know your own plants water needs and adjust accordingly.

What plants can I use with Crystal Water Beads?
The most commonly grown house plants used are: Spider plants, Dumb Cane, Algerian Ivy, Cordatum, Heart Leaf Philodendron, Marble Queen, Gold Dust Ivy, Gold Dust Pothos, Peace Lily, Caladiums, Dragon Plants, Bromeliads, White Butterfly, Gold Dust Dracaena, Devil Ivy, Red Veined Prayer, Chinese Evergreen, Sander`s Dracaena, Arrow Head Vine, Nephythis, Peperonia, Ferns, Ti Plants and Palms, Chinese Evergreen, Peace Lily, Philodendron, Dieffenbachia, Spider Plant, Pencil Cactus and Ivy (from cuttings only).

Can I root cuttings in Crystal Water Beads?
Yes!  The cuttings will act the same as they do in dirt or water (depending on your typical method of rooting).  We all enjoy seeing those little roots start to form, and Crystal Water Beads make it easier to watch the process.

I just purchased some Swirly Beads from you and when I put water in the container there were pieces floating, what is it?
This is natural for the Swirly Beads only.  The color "flakes" are essentially factory dust from the process used to swirl the color.  Once you have grown your beads and drained off the excess water, you will not see this "dust" again.