About Us

My name is Seth and I started this business in February 2011, when I was 14 years old. When I first came across the water beads I was fascinated with how squishy and cool they felt. I thought it was amazing how that little bead could grow so big. Then I started thinking about all the things you can do with these little water beads, and well, I would say the rest is history but it is actually "now". I started Crystal Waters as a craft business going to the local festivals and craft fairs selling water beads and water bead arrangements.  Now that I'm getting older, and have started taking business classes including HTML, I want to expand my business to reach internet buyers.

I have learned a lot about the various water beads that are on the market from my customers at the craft festivals. I was lucky enough to come across an excellent quality product right away, but some of my customers haven't been so lucky. I have heard horror stories from people saying they bought some at a flea market or some other place, and the colors bled everywhere, or when the water dehydrated out of them they would just disappear. I didn't even understand how that happens! But in early 2012 I was looking for a new supplier/manufacturer because I wasn't happy with my last shipment from the one I had, and now I have the horror stories too. I couldn't believe how some of this garbage even made it out on the market. We had a batch that bled color on everything! We now have a forever stain on the kitchen counter and one of my mom's shirts is completely ruined. I tried another product that completely turned to mush after about a month, and another that stunk horribly within a very short period of time - yuck! But finally I found a manufacturer that makes a quality product and has more options to choose from.

I will never sell an inferior product!  

I want to make sure that all of my customers have 100% Satisfaction! 

I guarantee all of my Crystal Water bead/cube products! 

Please take a look at my top quality Crystal Water Beads and Cubes. If you need ideas for what to do with them at home, just take a look at the Gallery page to see some of the arrangements that we have sold at the festivals.

Happy Shopping!

-- Seth